Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 7 - The Nightlife Of Mumbai - Part 1

Sorry for all the delay that happened but I was really very busy in these last two days. Had loads of work to finish and many people to catch up with.

Day 7 began on a slow lousy note. As usual woke up around 8 in the morning and fiddled around with twitter and e-mails. Back in the office, there is a chaos and the intensity with which I was getting mails on my Blackberry, I am sure some major fuck up is waiting for me there.

Honestly, I was actually looking forward to this day during my whole stint with the city, but why ? Well, we will get back to that later.

Today, I was not supposed to visit any place. I had to catch up with more twitter people. After making a few calls and settling things down in the office, I took a nap. I had to catch up with Rishika ( @ TharkiThakurain ) and Tejas ( @Bedardi_raja ) again. Another person who was gonna join us was Drishti (@ daDriffti ). Drishti is studying law and stays in Ghatkopar. We have been following each other on twitter for quite some time so I was looking forward to it.

Cousin's flat mate got a new laptop that day. I had to meet Rishika at 2:30 at R-City Mall in Ghatkopar but till 1:45, I was busy setting up the new laptop. Tejas had a SAP Certification exam that morning which he qualified with flying colours. Congratulations buddy.

He calls me up and says where am I and at what time I am reaching there. Told him that I will be on time. Rishika also called up and said she would meet me at the entrance of the mall. I got ready and left my place at 2:15. Made a few calls on my way and was on BBM with Rishika. In no time I reached the mall and met Rishika. We decided the Urban Tadka at the meeting place and Rishika told me that another twitter person Shreyansh ( @OyeBehenDeTakke ) will be joining us.

Finally, all of us were sitting together in the restaurant. Ordered starters because we all wanted to have Beer but happy hours would have started from 3:30 (Gareebo Ki Kahani). We counted each and every second on the clock to show 3:30, meanwhile had lunch and then had a round of Beer. 

After finishing the lunch, Shreyansh left because he had sneaked out of his office to meet us. Me, Rishika, Drishti and Tejas went to a store from where I got some stuff for my sister. Post that a MAD MAD MAD photo session began, which left us in splits. I dont even remember when was the last time I laughed so much. It was hilarious. 

Drishti had to attend a Punjabi wedding in the evening so after getting a few tips and stories from me and Rishika, she left for her place. Me, Rishika and Tejas sat together for some time and then it was the time to go back home. I realized this was for the last time, I would be seeing Rishika in Mumbai and obviously Tejas too. Bid them bye with a heavy heart and we all promised to see each other really very soon. 

Came back home and all I did was waited for the L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y tweetup that I had been planning from the times when me, Viraj ( @Gaaliman ) and Dev ( @Nostradevus , @CaptnJellyBelly previously )  came in touch through twitter and became best of the buddies. Dev and Viraj has known each other since years as they studied together and Viraj introduced me and Dev when Star Plus showed premiered Rockstar for the first time on Indian Television and I was live tweeting it furiously. 

The plan was to have a nighout at Dev's place. He stays in Navi Mumbai and Viraj and me were supposed to go to his place and thats what we did. I met Viraj (Who kept on changing plans till the last moment) at Mulund and finally we were on our way to Dev's place. Just to tell you, VIRAJ LOVES DRIVING ! ( Saala paagal ho jaata hai driving seat pe baith kar). The excitement was clearly visible the way he was behaving that day. All he did was played Dope-Shope by Honey Singh in his car and kept dancing on it while he was driving. He showed me around a bit and after like 30 minutes or something we reached Dev's place. 

Dev and Viraj both are CA aspirants. Dev has recently given his final exams and Viraj had appeared for PCC. Both are waiting for their results. Finally, after months of planning WE THREE WERE TOGETHER. A dream come true to say the least. The plan was to have dinner and get sloshed. 

Dev to say the least, is an amazing host. I loved his house. He ordered Pizza for us which was our dinner and the non-stop gossip began. Everyone on twitter knows that how big gossip whores me and Viraj are.  While we were chatting, I told them that only thing that I missed out in Mumbai was seeing Marine Drive in the middle of the night. And within the moments of saying this, both of them were on their feet to heard towards Marine Drive. 

After finishing our dinner, we were again on wheels and headed straight towards Marine Drive. Viraj as usual was high on happiness and was playing foot tapping numbers at the loudest possible volume. We all were too excited to be at Marine Drive because its been months since Dev and Viraj had been to the place. 

What I noticed on our way was. Mumbai never sleeps. It was around mid-night that we were cruising through the roads of Mumbai. No traffic nothing. We got stuck a bit at some places, but that was okay. Within some 45 minutes we were at Marine Drive. The place was bustling with people. It was a friday night and everyone there was in a weekend mood. 

All three of us, sat at Marine Drive and discussed about our lives, our dreams and everything that we could share. It always feels good when you sit with people who share the same mental frequency with you and all three of us kicked off really well. We all lied down and were gazing at the moon-lit sky which gave us an out of the world feeling. Some experience that was.

Finally, after spending an hour or so, we headed towards Dev's place. Dev was telling me about Mumbai roads and he asked me to count the number of bridges that we crossed on our way back. They were total 13 in number ( I hope, I am not wrong as I lost the count in between). In no time, we reached his place and all the bottles of alcohol opened in no time. Viraj and Dev kept teasing by saying "Tu Jaanta Nahin Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai" as I hail from Delhi and every other person here keeps saying that to each other. We laughed a lot on this thing. 

When alcohol went down to our throats, we all started discussing various profound things. It was one of the tweet-ups where we didn't discuss twitter much. We were discussing about our life plans, things around us and stuff. It was informative, loved the whole session. After drinking whole night, we all decided to sleep at 6:30. Dev strictly asked to not to wake him up when we leave. Dev and me hugged each other and promised to meet soon. Me and Viraj slept in no time and by 9 in the morning, we left Dev's place. 

Viraj dropped me near Hiranandani and we hugged each other and said bye. I am so waiting for both of them to come to Delhi as they are seriously planning to be here. 

Now, you all know why I couldn't update my blog that night. Because I was having the time of my life. Marine Drive looked beautiful in the night and the only click I could manage there is this where you can see the famous Queen's Necklace.

Till the next one


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