Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 6 - The Wet Mumbai

It rained all night and when I woke up at 8:30, all I could see was lush green surroundings and heavy rains. Yes, it was raining. Cousin told me that this is how it rains here.

The title of the post is a bit cheesy, but it has got nothing to do with what you are thinking right now. Mumbai is known for its rains and every year people here look forward to it. Rains brings joy to the city, the whole aura of this place changes in monsoon which would soothe you in an unexplainable way. With rains, comes some problems too, water logging, a hideous stench, traffic jams and Mumbai Locals comes to a halt when it pours heavily here. It happened today also.

Rains can be depressing at times too. They can take you back to those days which you would not want to remember. Happened with me too this morning. Was a bit upset but then it is how it is. You have to live with it.

I had no plans for today. I thought I will make sudden plans and execute them and that's what I did. After having breakfast, I took another nap and post that decided to visit IIT-Bombay. A friend is doing post-graduation there and I also knew 3 professors here, out of which 2 were out of town and 1 gave me time to meet him.

Every science student who wants to be an engineer dreams of getting into an IIT. They are the best in the country in every domain, be its education, faculty, infrastructure, co-curricular activities etc.  I also dreamt of getting into an IIT but wasn't lucky enough. But no regrets there. I am happy with what I have.

I left my house around 2 and took an auto to IIT campus. It is very close to the place I live. Met my friend Uday there. I have known Uday since my school days. We used to study together in coaching classes. Uday showed me around the whole campus and took me to Student's Activity Center, where I met a couple of people and discussed a few things with them that turned into something productive for me.

The whole IIT campus is lush green and you would instantly fall in love with the place. It is one of the most reputed education centers of India. After seeing the main building and various other departments and labs, I went to meet the professor I know there. This is for the first time I was meeting him. Ever since I had known him, we had either exchanged e-mails or had talked over phone. He showed me around his department and we had a chit-chat about his current research based project. He invited me for a lunch tomorrow but I had to refuse because I already have plans for tomorrow. 
I thought after visiting IIT, I would go to watch Gangs of Wasseypur but it was too late for me. I decided to head back towards home. Met Uday again and he dropped me to the main gate of the campus and I came back home and took another nap.

Woke up in the evening and made a few phone calls here and there. Got the news that petrol prices are decreasing by Rs.2.46. I was starving so I decided to take a walk near Powai lake again. The place despite being on a busy road offers calmness. But then sudden change of plans and I decided to take a walk in the park adjacent to Chandivali Lake and go to the nearby market.

While walking down in the market, I saw a street food joint and I thought let's try how good is street food here. I have already had Vada Pav and I instantly fell in love with it. Today I tried paani puri, bhel puri and Sandwich. They were quite okay, but not as good as we get them in Delhi. The street food disappointed me.Delhi wins hands down when it comes to street food. Quenched my thirst with fresh coconut water and came back home.

The day was a bit lousy but I caught up with much needed rest and sleep. Had a chit-chat with sister and she told me that its too hot to survive in Delhi. I just hope by the time I reach there, weather gets back to normal. The heat should just go away now.

Now last two days of my visit to Mumbai are left and I am gonna make most of them. I wanted to catch up with the night life of the city but I guess I will have to come back again to experience it. Meeting more people tomorrow over lunch and dinner. Might not be able to update my blog tomorrow.

Till the next one.


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  1. Mumbai ki baat hi kuch aur hai.. Aur mumbai ki baarish ke toh kya kehne.. Mumbai meri jaan! Well written Yatin! :)