Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 2 : A Walk In The Rain

So, here I am again. With nothing much to share about the city today, Initially I thought that I won't blog today. But then I decided let me just share what I did today.

So the day began late for me. Woke up at 7:30 and saw that it was raining. Mumbai looks beautiful during monsoons and I completely agree to that. Its green everywhere. Mumbai is definitely blessed in a way. After a chit chat with my cousin sister, who left for Jaipur today we had breakfast, Aloo Poori and Aamras. (Yummy It Was) and then we went to drop her to the Airport. 

Came back and took a nap. It was raining on and off. I was loving the weather and then we did something which was completely unexpected. We JAMMED. Music has always been a passion. Though I am not too particular about the kind of music that I listen to. I like anything and everything. Whatever sounds good to my ears is music for me and I feel it should be that way only. I have seen people fighting over their personal choice of music and found it really stupid to be honest. My cousin used to play Drums when he was in college and another roommate of his plays awesome guitar. My Mamiji (Cousin's Mother) is also M.A in Music and Fine Arts. So, all and all, it was a musicians day out. We kicked off with some old bollywood numbers and gradually shifted to the latest numbers. The best part was when we were singing "Paani Da Rang" from Vicky Donor and it was raining outside. The session ended with Linkin Park's "In The End" song.

While we were jamming, I got a call from my school friend. We have studied together for good 7 years in school and post that also, we always kept in touch during our college  till now. She came to know through Facebook that I am in Mumbai and she bashed me for it. She works with L&T here as a developer and is an awesome Bharatnatyam Dancer, Painter and a very good writer. A woman of substance who is confident and she knows what she is up to. So, we decided to meet up at Hiranandani and have lunch. I now somehow feel that Hiranandani's have paid to me promote their market in my travelogue coz I am almost meeting everyone there only :P 

It was raining on and off. We opened all the windows of our house and cool breeze filled up the house. There was no need of fans and AC. It was amazing. My friend reached at Hiranandani at around 2:00 and we met. Had awesome lunch at The Great Kabab Factory that ended up with mouth water dessert. Remembered some good old days of school times and discussed about work, friends and her life in Mumbai.  I might go with her to Marine Drive again if I get time from my schedule.

I came back home at around 4 and found that everyone was asleep. I was getting bored  and as usual Twitter came to the rescue. I was tweeting about that I have got nothing to do then Adnan Bhai ( @Oongalbaaz, Its his birthday today, i.e. 25th June) suggested me to go and take a walk at Powai Lake which is very close to the place where I am staying. Before continuing further, let me just wish him first.


I found out the directions to the lake and decided to walk down till there. Took a bit of a detour and saw Chandivali lake which is more like a Naala, and saw it too. 

Powai lake is beautiful. Yes, its a small one and a bit dirty too. But yes, if you will stroll around it, you would like it. Monsoons give a whole new feel to the city and you just can't get over with it. While I was walking around the lake, rains started. I was lucky that I was carrying a small polythene bag that I kept in my pocket moments before I left the house. Quickly kept my phone and camera inside it and decided to get drenched in the rain. I would like to quote a dialogue from the movie Wake Up Sid here when Ranbir Kapoor tell Konkona Sen Sharma "Mumbai monsoons are to die for. Log complain karte hai about floods, traffic wagerah, but I toh totally love it. Tum dekhna, tum baarisho main yahan kitna enjoy karne waali ho" and yes that thing he said in the movie is true. 

Walking in the rains always make you get lost in thoughts. It takes you to a completely different world where you just think about the things that ou've been ignoring purposely. Same thing happened with me too. I was lost in thought while I was sitting on the lake side and spotted a Nariyal Paani waala. Bought a malaai waala nariyal and refreshed myself. Then I decided to get back home before dark. 

Before entering the society, I thought I would again go back to Chandivali lake and take some shots and got some amazing photographs. That I am gonna post later here. 

Came back home, all drenched in rains and sweat too. Took a bath, had yummy Baigan Ka Bharta, Moong Daal and Chapatis for dinner and Ice-Cream as dessert while it was constantly raining outside.

Post that, we all sat together and had a chit chat about our experiences with life. My mamaji who works for a bank shared a lot many interesting stories about his career.And now I am here writing this blog.

The best thing about the day was it wasn't that humid for me.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day. I would start with the work that I am here for. Meeting Rishika again tomorrow morning and lets see what the day has got in store for me. No plans have been made till now. 

See you tomorrow then.


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