Friday, June 22, 2012

Delhi to Mumbai

Due to excitement and anxiety,  I could not sleep properly last night. Also thanks to UPSEB for those numerous powercuts which added more spice to the night. Well finally, woke up T 6:30, got ready and left my place at 8:30.  

I live in Ghaziabad, so airport is quite far from my place. What I decided on is, I will take a taxi till New Delhi Railway Station and from there Airport line Metro. Delhi has been blessed, seriously. With Delhi Metro, traveling from one corner to another corner of Delhi doesn't seem like a nightmare anymore.  

At 10:15 I entered New Delhi metro station ( There are two metro stations for New Delhi, one for the normal travel which is on the Yellow line and another one is on the Metro line which is looked after by Reliance). Took a token till Airpot, Terminal 3, Delhi and in mere 20 mins, I was standing at the entrance gate of T3.  

Got my boarding pass, got security checks done and voila, I was all set to board the flight. Took services of Subway to fill my every empty stomach. While getting my sandwich done, spotted actress Kashmeera Shah with her boyfriend there at the lounge taking a stroll. I don't know if Kashmeera is eligible enough to be called an actress, but let it be. 

Waited at the lounge while trying to connect my iPad to the so called free wi-fi at the airport, but all efforts in vain. This habit of accessing internet at every possible place will cost me one day. I am pretty sure about it. Thanks to Airtel 3G, I was finally connected to World Wide web so that I could tweet, oh, this awful habit.

Another disappointment came in, when I could not spot any hot girls around. In anticipation of that I would find a few good air hostesses in the flight, dreams were shattered when I boarded the flight. Only one air hostess and rest of them were male stewards. Serious case of Fuck My Luck. I felt cheated. Anyways, had to go to Mumbai otherwise would have tried the Anna Hazare method.  

The flight took off at dot 11:59 and so technically now I am on my way to Mumbai. And while I am drinking this diet coke, I am writing this post. Took some pictures too from the iPad itself, dont expect very good quality. Now the next post shall be written in Mumbai. 



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  1. Feels like I am travelling with you too ... looking frwrd to more posts :-)